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What is internet home telephone?

DLIVE Internet Home Telephone

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service offering advanced digital telephone service. You can continue to use your same home phone number. No need to purchase another telephone set. We offer affordable prices that trump those offered by landline phone services.

Advantages of Internet Home Telephone

01. Existing telephones and phone numbers can be used

DLIVE Internet Telephone provides service with your existing home phone number at a monthly rate of 1,000 won without
requiring the additional purchase of an internet phone normally costing 100,000 won or more.

02. Maximum 85% discount on long distance calls

DLIVE Internet Telephone applies local calls charges regardless if one make a local or long distance call in a unified zone
anywhere in the country.

03. International call charge discounted up to 80%

High-quality international telephone network at a discount of up to 80%

04. Additional discount of digital broadcasting and high-speed internet

Subscribers of both DLIVE Internet Telephone and digital broadcasting or high-speed internet can use all services at an affordable rate with a 5-10% additional discount off the subscription fee.

05. Various additional services

Caller identification service, SMS service, connected line identification presentation, call waiting, and more.


  • Internet Home Telephone Advertisement
    Father :
    Geez, why is the room such a mess
    Mother :
    I hope the kids are alright in this cold weather (eldest son - phone ringing) Sweetie is that you?
    Daughter-in-law :
    Hi, how have you been? I’ve been fine. The phone bill is running, That’s all for now. Good-bye~ (beep~beep~beep~)
    Mother :
    Hon, we gotta set up an internet phone at our son’s house~
    Narrator :
    Sign up for an internet phone and cable TV and you'll never worry about bills again
    Father :
    You can keep the same number~
    Mother :
    They were also really fast with the installation~
    Narrator :
    If you subscribe to cable TV, the cable internet phone is perfect for you
    Mother :
    Let's get some sleep~
  • Internet Home Telephone Commercial Message

    Welcome to the DLIVE Cable Zone.

    You can cut your phone bill by up to 85%
    and sign up with a pre-paid plan
    With the DLIVE Internet Phone, you can keep your number and keep your phone.
    Check us out right now and discover the amazing benefits.
    Special benefit number 1. Low basic rates.
    Local calls for 2,000 won a month, and 38 won a minute for long distance calls.
    Your phone bill comes to just 11.7 won every 10 seconds
    You can call long distance to 20 major countries for a low rate of 50 won a minute.
    Special benefit number 2. Wide selection of plans.
    Do you often make calls to mobile phones?
    Then you should take advantage of the DLIVE Internet Phone to mobile phone discount plan.
    It starts at a basic rate of 5,000 won a month and offers 60 free minutes per month.
    Even if you use more than 60 minutes you can take advantage of the lowest rates in the country for calling mobile phones.