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What is high-speed internet?

DLIVE provides stable high-speed internet service based on its
excellent infrastructure including an 160Gbps internet
backbone network, NOC (Network Operation Center) of its own, a redundancy
of equipment and network and a 24-hour operating system.

DLIVE provides up to 160Mbps high-speed internet services and offers
reasonable choices that provides good value.

Those who subscribe to DLIVE high-speed internet along with other
services such as cable TV, digital broadcasting and internet telephone
can take advantage of additional discounts in tandem with the contract
discount. Subscribers of the Combo, a package product, can receive
greater benefits.

Advantages of High-speed Internet

  1. 01. Pleasing speed, stability and price

    DLIVE’s 160Mbps high-speed internet is the country’s fastest and most stable connection at an affordable
    price compared to equivalent services. It is suitable for multimedia content such as downloading large
    capacity contents, network games and videos.

  2. 02. Opportunity of additional discount upon using with broadcast or internet telephone

    Subscribing to DLIVE high-speed internet together with DLIVE digital broadcasting, cable TV and internet telephone
    offers a much more affordable price and provides you a choice from a variety of discount packages.