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Greetings At DLIVE

we have the largest scale Multiple System Operation (MSO) in the Seoul and Gyeonggi regions with 17 cable TV broadcasting stations. Rooted in the cable TV broadcasting business we have grown to become an all-around multimedia company that provides digital broadcasts, high speed internet services, internet phone services, digital contents and various package products.
In response to the trend of integration of broadcasting and telecommunication services, we seen rapid growth in our technological development in Korea and the world. The importance of such integration in the cable TV industry at the center of a rapidly changing environment is becoming more evident every day.

In particular the digitalization of cable TV is not limited to isolated concepts of the past, but manifests the upgraded fusion of broadcasting and telecommunications. DLIVE has the goal of providing a great selection of convenient services for its members through strategic alliances with related companies.
DLIVE responds proactively to changes in the environment and strives to reinvent itself as a company that leads the way in the fusion of broadcasting and telecommunications.
Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our company.

All the employees at D’LIVE Co., Ltd.